Cosmo Products

Cosmo’s product line is designed to meet strict production testing demands by incorporating our patented core technologies that distance our equipment from the competition. Our versatile leak tester line ranges from the LS‑R900 standalone unit for single part testing to the LS‑1881 multi-pneumatic unit capable of running up to 8 simultaneous tests.  For air flow or large leak testing, our latest model, the AF‑2220, has integrated many new features that make it the fastest and most flexible flow instrument to date.


LS-R900 Differential Pressure Decay Air Leak Tester

  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Used for small leak detection
  • Waveform measurement display
  • Blockage check for peripherals
  • USB port for easy test data management
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LS-1881 Multi-Station Air Leak TesterLS-1881 Air Leak Tester

  • Windows-based controller unit can run up to 8 separate pneumatic units
  • Used for small leak detection
  • Capable of either pressure or vacuum testing
  • Simultaneously test multiple parts or multiple cavities on one part
  • Large touch-panel display with quality charts, graphs, statistics, trend data, etc.

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AF-2220 Flow Tester

AF-2220 Air Flow Tester

  • Used for flow measurement or large leak detection
  • Laminar flow technology with intelligent pressure control
  • Advanced components ensure shortest cycle time
  • Simplified program screen for easy setup

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