Leak OrificeLeak Orifice

  • Used to generate a precisely calibrated leak to verify performance of the leak test system
  • Flow reference device that achieves fast and easy leak/flow teser sensitivity checks


Bypass Unit SetExternal Bypass Unit

  • Used for faster pressurization of parts with large internal volumes
  • Utilizes Cosmo's leak-tight valves for maximum performance and durability
  • Available with electro-pneumatic or mechanical regulators
  • Controlled by Cosmo tester in parallel with normal test
NL Valves

Selector Valve Assembly, NL (No Leak) Series

  • Used for sequential multi-cavity test applications with a single leak tester
  • Utilizes Cosmo's leak tight valves
  • Available in double or triple valve configurations
Data Recorder

Data Recorder Unit

  • For on-line recording of the test results onto a compact flash card
  • One 2GB card can hold up to 16 million test results
  • Connects directly to the serial port of leak tester or flow tester
          • Data files can be easily imported into spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel for
            process analysis
Seiko Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer

  • A simple solution for data recording requirements
  • No other equipment is necessary to view the data at end of the day
Master Chambers

Master Chamber (For leak testers)

Reference volumes specifically designed for differential leak test systems     

MC-F02A Series

  • Easy to use common reference volumes with solid aluminum construction
  • Its unique thermal dissipation characteristics give excellent test repeatability
  • No adjustments or calibrations required

MC-B Series

  • Traditional chambers with adjustable thermal fins
External Valve

External Exhaust Valve
(For leak testers)

  • Installed between the tester and part to keep leak testers clean from contamination
  • Available with or without the ball valves
RC-12 for Leak Testers

RC-12B Remote Control Box
(For leak testers)

  • For simple test stand with no PLC controls
  • Start, Stop, Channel Select, and Charge Hold switches
RC-13/RC-14/RC-15 for Flow Testers

RC-13/RC-14/RC-15 Remote Control Box (For Flow Testers)

  • Available in different configurations depending on application requirements
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PC-Link Software

  • Makes administration simple with capability to save test parameters for backup
  • Parameters such as timers and limits can be modified, saved, and uploaded to tester
  • Includes functions for displaying a control chart and a histogram of measurement data
  • Results can be directly loaded into Microsoft Excel

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