AF-2220 Air Flow Tester


The Cosmo AF-2220 Air Flow Tester incorporates the latest technology to meet the rigorous demands of today’s manufacturing environment. The
AF-2220 provides an economical solution to meet the need for fast, accurate, and reliable results.  Using Cosmo’s laminar flow technology coupled with our unique intelligent pressure control, the AF-2220 is the most sophisticated and durable flow tester on the market today!

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Major Customer Benefits

Reduced Cycle Times

Incorporated into the AF-2220 are Quick Test, Mastering Compensation, Noise Reduction, and advanced electronics to ensure the shortest possible cycle time.


With features such as Intelligent Pressure Control, 32 programmable channels, selectable readout units and backward compatibility, the
AF-2220 is an ideal solution for your production environment demands.


Custom-built air-operated valves and the robust design of the AF-2220 ensure reliable and accurate test results.

Ease of Setup

The AF-2220 uses a simplified program screen for setting your basic test parameters, thereby minimizing initial setup time.


Calibrated Leak Orifice

External Exhaust Valve

Bypass Unit

No-Leak Selector Valve

Remote Control Box




Quick Test Feature
This feature aborts the test at the end of the fill stage if a gross leaking part is detected.

Noise Reduction
Allows for additional part stabilization to minimize false rejects without having to completely retest the part.

Mastering Compensation
This feature compensates for background interference produced by plant environmental changes and test dynamics generated from fast cycle times.

Flow Sensor and Electronics
Quick sensor response times are achieved through the Cosmo designed differential pressure sensor and advanced electronics.

Quick Charge/Bypass Fill (optional)
Pneumatic circuits to fast fill large test parts.


Intelligent Pressure Control
The internal pressure sensor allows for accurate flow measurement at various pressure settings; eliminating the need to recalibrate when testing at a different pressure.

32 Programmable Channels
Up to 32 different sets of specific test parameters can be programmed independently. A channel copy feature simplifies multi-channel setup.

Adjustable Readout Units
Programmable pressure and flow rate units can be changed to match your specific flow test parameters.

Backward Compatibility
The AF-2220 I/O is compatible with earlier Cosmo Air Flow Tester models AF-2200N, AF-2201, and AF-2201A..

Optional Flow Sensors
The AF-2220 can be configured with laminar flow or mass flow sensors.


Air Valves
Custom-built air valves are designed for rigorous use and long life.

Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS)
Made of over 2 lbs. of stainless steel this sensor is virtually indestructible.

Laminar Flow Tube
The unique Cosmo-designed laminar flow tube can be repaired rather than replaced if contamination is inadvertently introduced into the tester.


Basic Menu
The basic menu makes initial part setup fast and easy. Just input your timers and test limits on one program screen and you are up and running.

Advanced Menu
The advanced menu allows for a more detail-orientated setup for difficult application needs.
These screens allow for advanced limit settings, multiple test timers, Mastering Compensation, and other helpful features to ensure fast, accurate, and reliable test results.


Pressure Limits
Programmable upper and lower test pressure limits can be set to ensure that the tester is performing at the correct specified pressure for your application.

Keyboard Lock
When powering on the AF-2220, the keyboard is locked to prevent tampering with test parameters. You can choose your own 4-digit code to gain access.

Calibration Valve (optional)
This valve, in conjunction with a calibrated leak orifice, is used to verify that the tester itself is reading accurately. It also can verify the whole test system including production part.

Mastering Compensation
Compensates for gradual production environment fluctuations.


Input/Output Ports
Standard Port: 37-pin I/O connector for easy PLC integration.
Compatible Port: backward compatible I/O port for AF-2200N or newer models.

Data Collection
Test data transmitted through standard RS-232C serial port and parallel printer port after every test cycle. (other options available)

Compact Flash reader (optional)
2 GB standard memory card for data collection and program backup


Manual/Remote Operation
The AF-2220 can be operated manually with tester keypad, from optional remote control box or from machine PLC.

Large LCD
The AF-2220 comes equipment with a large, easy-to-read LCD screen

Judgment Lamps
Go/No-Go lamps and No-Go audible signal

Review up to 1000 previous test results to monitor changes in part characteristics and production environment.

Cumulative Go/No-Go information


Error Messages
Error messages and their associated codes are displayed on the screen.

DET Hold
This feature holds the regulated pressure in the part to verify part setup and to troubleshoot leaks external to the AF-2220.