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The Cosmo Leak Master is a flow reference device that achieves fast and easy leak tester sensitivity checks. Cosmo Solutions Technology custom makes certified leak orifices for a wide range of leak rates and pressures/vacuum. Cosmo’s LM-1C, LM-1A, and LM-1E series leak orifices will cover all ranges for your flow and leak standard needs. Calibration certificates are issued with each orifice and are traceable to International Calibration Standards. Contact us today to discuss the uses and benefits of the calibrated leak orifice.



Covers a wide range of leaks and pressures

Flow reference device best for the periodic check of your air leak test systems

  • Easily installed
  • Accurate
  • Stable
  • Compact and handy

Leak orifices are available within the following ranges:

            TEST PRESSURE:  1 kPa ~ 500 kPa, -13 kPa ~ -53 kPa
            LEAK RATE:  0.1 ~ 20 mL/min

We manufacture LM-1Cs within the following tolerances:
Required Leak rate < 0.8 mL/min  →   within ±20 %
Required Leak rate ≧0.8 mL/min  →  within ±10 %

LM-1A Leak Series

Used for high pressure leak standards

LM-1E Flow Series

Used for a wide range of flows (large leaks)